Here are some tips on how to provide me with the perfect photo for me to draw from,

It is vital that the photos I work from are clear images showing high detail. This helps me to add all the lovely details into my portraits.

It's vital that your pets eyes are clear and in focus, the eyes are often the most important part and show the character of your pet.


Lighting is very important when taking a photo, it's best to take your photo outside in natural lighting (avoid strong sunlight) or if inside then near a window.

Always try to avoid using the flash on your camera as this can misrepresent the true colour of your pets fur.

Above is an example of the quality needed, as you can see in the first photo the details in the cats fur have not been captured and due to poor lighting the true colours of the fur are not accurate.
The second photo is taken in natural lighting and in good focus, I can clearly see the eyes and the direction of the fur. The fur colour is also truly represented.

If your pet has sadly passed away then please send me a good range of photos and we can see if any are suitable for drawing from.